Morris Granite and Marble worktops

Solid stone worktops are the perfect choice if you want the best for your kitchen!

Good looking, practical and hard wearing, granite is so hard that it has to be cut with diamonds.

The variety of colours available from across the world is amazing!

Granite looks luxurious in any surrounding and is heat resistant and scratch resistant – key features in a busy family kitchen

Samples of some of the stone we use

The colour range expands even more with engineered stone or quartz. Made from stone and glass with the addition of resin, quartz worktops are available in huge array of vibrant colours. Whilst granite is extremely resistant to heat, engineered stone is a little less tolerant and we strongly recommend that hot pots are not placed directly onto the polished surface.Granite and quartz work tops are virtually maintenance free – a quick wipe over with a warm soapy cloth is all that it takes to keep the work tops looking in tip top condition. There is no need to use sprays or polishes to maintain the natural shine of the stone.